We are the sole distributor of


LCL Machinery Sdn Bhd is the sole distributor of Ranox and Roxgen in Malaysia. The products of Ranox and Roxgen are sold in many countries around the world with its durable quality.


Ranox started up the manufacture of spray guns in Taiwan in 1985, then expanded the business by adding pressure tanks in 1994. With over 30 years of manufacturing and design, Ranox products receive wide acclaim from professional finishers.

Ranox also provides various hoses, such as PU air hose, PU paint hose, braided hose, anti-static hose, airless hose as well as Teflon hose.

Our Clients

From Different Industries

Glass & Furniture
We supply different types of diaphragm pumps for glass and furniture manufacturing
Pressure tank can be used in food processing as a vacuum tank
Shipbuilding & Metal
Shipbuilding & metal industry always looking for a high quality pressure tank & spray gun
We supply spray gun, cup and accessories of spray gun to construction companies